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Hey guys,

My name is Tommy and ive only recently come across the thought of purchasing an ISF. I went to the lexus dealer aug 31st and expected to take their demo 09 for like 55k ish out the door but i dont think thats too realistic. The dealer basically wanted 60-61k and i really didnt wanna haggle so i decided to wait for a few weeks.

I heard the 2010 model is coming out this month and i was wondering what effect that will have on the pricing of the 09s. Anyways any purchasing tips/hints/hook ups would b greatly appreciated :)

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We have a few dealers on this site that might help you get the right price you're looking for. When the 09s came out, the 08s dropped by 10k. So I'm guessing the 2010s would make the same effect on the 09s. Good luck and welcome.
Here's a tip: if you are in the military, be sure to save that detail 'til the end of the negotiation...then ask to have the $750 Lexus Military Rebate applied.

Given that you live in a place where there's a significant military presence, I'd be surprised if the dealer isn't already aware of the program. In my case, not so lucky...but that's about to work itself out :D

Anyway - if you want to read about it...
isflojo is right the price dropped by about 10 grand. Wait a little while and get in there and haggle.
welcome. So any luck with obtaining an IS F?
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