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I know you said lease...I bought my F but my thoughts are the Lexus Dec. to Remember event was when the best financing deals came along...for ex, I got 0.9% on my F (36 mos) was 1.9% for 48 and 2.9% for 60.

I just asked what Lexus finance rates were now and was told around 7%...yikes.

Just keep reading this site and Club Lexus to see what's going on with pricing...for ex, there was $5k incentive money to dealers to move '08 F's...that ended 6/30...but just recently Lexus came out with 4K on the same car...doesn't make sense to me why it's less, but you may see some of this on '09's soon, who far, it all seems to be for the '08's since there were so many of them sitting on lots.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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