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K&N intakes don't require a piggy back ECU mod to run. It's a single stage intake. SRT puts that piggyback to fool the computer it's getting the correct amount of air through the MAF.

I prefer the stock airbox over any open element filter intake system for many reasons...

1) You retain the low end torque and back pressure the factory intake box was designed for.
2) The secondary chamber opens up after 3,600 RPM to produce that robust sound...not all the time like with a single stage open element.
3) Your factory air intake is designed and engineered to draw in cool air from the front, not suck in hot air from the engine bay.

My $0.02.
I second. Especially in the land of 85-90 degrees all year round, all I need is warmer air for my engine. That's why I also want drop ins but with better breathing capacity.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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