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New K & N Air Intake For Is-f

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wow k&N made an intake for my car it wont be released until another 3 months more but they dynoed it stock and then also with the intake its really sick. NO COMPUTERS NEEDED IT ADDS 30 HP TO THE WHEEL SHOWS ON DYNO ITS SICK IM TELLING YOU, YOU FEEL A HUGE DIFFRENCE JUST WAIT FOR IT TO COME OUT
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Wow 30 whp from just an Intake? Sounds to good to be true cause DynoPacks/DynoJets can alter numbers. Lets cross our fingers though.
its not a drop in filter its a whole intake that was replaced by stock intake and they dynoed it

so they claimed it gave 30 whp and they dyno'd it, were u there when they dyno'd? Did u dyno your car stock first before they slapped this intake on?

Reasons why I ask this is because if you weren't there when K&N dyno'd your car then I wouldn't trust what they've claim on gains...look at SRT claimed 20 whp 20 lbs tq @ the wheels and alot of people did not even get close to that. Also it's actually quite easy to find out if your intake gained 30 whp or not. Just go dyno it yourself from stock and then the K&N intake next.
1 - 2 of 51 Posts
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