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I just bought an '08 Obsidian ML/NAV with 15 miles on it. I have to admit, I'm feeling rather bittersweet right now. Sweet that I have such an amazing car (I hope), but a bit sad now since I bought it on impulse. I've been reading these forums for a short time now, and initially I wasn't really looking to buy so soon, but I finally stepped foot in the dealership today and bought it on the spot. I was hoping to hold off a few months before I seriously bought since I really was looking for a SGM and wasn't in a hurry, but one look and I was done, =( Hopefully I'll feel better about the purchase in a few days, maybe you other ISF owners can cheer me up and tell me I made a great investment :) I also got all the road hazard warranty and extended warranty, and prepackaged service checks...not really sure if that was a good idea, but the finance man sure convinced me quickly that it was worth it.

I'm worried also about the maintenance on black...which was the reason I was looking at SGM. I'm getting the clear bra (dealer had said something about their clearbra didn't wrap the bumper said that people found that they didn't like it, but I insisted on having it there as well so I don't know if that was a good move), lojack and 30% tints done this week so I should have it back by Friday. It's rainy here so the car doesn't look so great. Hopefully I can get some pictures this weekend :D
i wouldnt feel bad or sad at all i kind of did the same thing back in may. your car will run forever its a great investment. and on the color wax it once in a while and wash it every week or so and youll be fine . i recently got ride of mine and the only reason was to get the wife a 2008 silver gx 470 and so i can get a 2009 cadillac cts-v or mecedes-benz c63 amg. good luck with your car and have fun.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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