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YellowJacket, keeping black waxed at least 3 times a year with a good quality wax will go a long long way to helping keep your finish top notch. I owned a black vehicle for several years and was able to find a light wax from a local car supply dealer that was a very quick easy on easy off type of wax. I would actually use this light wax about every second time (2 weeks) I washed it! Maybe an extra 25-30 minutes added on at the end of the wash. It really made the black DEEP. Microfiber applicators and towels to remove wax really work well and minimize scratches. Just my personal experience.

You have bought a car that is on the leading edge of building a whole new culture and branding never considered for Lexus. Don't second guess yourself for one second on your purchase! If you have an ounce of sports car enthusiam in your bones, it is going to provide you with loads and loads of fun. Consider signing yourself up for a drivers school at Road Atlanta in Braselton with your IS-F. I had participated in a 3 day racing school in the Panoz race cars there and that track is incredible! You will be amazed at what the IS-F is capable of.

I resided in Marietta for about 5 years, which dealer did you get your IS-F from?
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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