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My name is Calvin and this is actually my first Lexus. I kinda choose this ISF over the M3 because of the rarity. So far loving it! I hope to get to meet more people and see if there is any other ISF in the bay area on this forum! I can't believe I have already start power whoring my ISF already. any tips how to keep this car in good shape?? anything will help THANKS!!
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I'm in the bay area...what color year and all that fun stuff is your IS-F?
Welcome to the forum. My buddy has an M3 and it's in the shop a lot. You won't have that issue with the F!
Hey JonJon, I have a 08 Gray ISF, you? most of the time you'll see me crossing the bay bridge like almost everyday. The only fun stuff I have is a project I took over from a friend, the artisan tt its getting worked on right now so let see how it goes! you?
Right on, I have an 08 Silver...the only mod I've made is the takeda intake. I saw a gray 08 parked on Post street (I think so at least...not the best with sf streets). I actually had my friend snap some pictures for me since I'm so obsessed with this car.
Nice! You made a great choice and feel in the long run, you are much better off than in the M3. I personally love the looks of the M3 but hear all the horror stories so no thank you.

JonJon, that probably was mine I park on Post St for the last couple month
thanks IS F Steve yea thats how i felt about the M3 but there a lot on the road too so it makes the expensive a lot more personal! lol
Right on, my favorite violin shop is on Post street, so that's where I was. I went with my best friend that drive a new C63 AMG. I hope we can meet up one day so I can go for a spin in your turbo charges ISF! Also my friend with the AMG and I like to go on little road trips thru windy roads and scenic routes every so often so it would be fun to have another ISF join in on the fun.
jonjon that sounds awesome! i love C63amg only thing it was a mercedes so the clock start clicking once you leave the lot lol so I got the iSF thats sounds awesome! it will always be nice get to roll with another isF been awhile since ive done any real driving in it. I should get my car back in Feb so KIT! what roads you guys usually take?
Skyline boulevard is a fun one...also back mountains from Patterson to San best friend is the one that knows all the roads :) For sure we'll be in contact for some road fun, frohnen at hotmail com is my email and also messages thru here are good

Also...his C63 is in the shop right now due to misfiring... :-( they think it is a fuel pressure problem! So now he is stuck with a C300 and is not a happy camper
yep Mercedes haha. Its okay his C300 is better than the corolla i have as a temporary replacement until I get mine back from the shop so he should feel good.
Ouch, I got trapped in a jetta for a week or so when my ISF was side swiped...torture!
tell me about it jonjon, I've been driving and whenever I see an ISF i start being really sad because I don't have mine with me lol. has anyone ever taken there isF into the snow?
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