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New ISF owner in WA

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Well I am a new proud owner of a 08 ISF! Had it one week and love it so far. The only thing is the rainy weather has been keeping the fun under wraps for me. I had a truck that I traded for this beast and I don't regret it!:D
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Congrats!!! Details? Color, pics, plans for modifications?

Your only gonna love it more and more with better weather!
Welcome to the forum! Congrats on the purchase.
where you at in WA?
It is mercury metallic and I just had the Subwoofer replaced because it was blown. I didn't catch it until I got home on the day of purchase. I am thinking to swap out the sub with an aftermarket of the same specs (size ohms etc)

So far I am loving it and I already have people that want to race me! I find it funny and laugh at them because the cars they are driving are not even worth the gas. :)
where you at in WA?
Tacoma area. How about you?
Oak Harbor. I have yet to see another F on the road anywhere. I do go to Seattle to see my brother about every other month. We have been talking about putting together a track day next spring. I'll be posting on the site if we get it set up.
I'm originally from Portland, and most of my family lives in the Tacoma/Seattle area. I really wish I could live back in the Northwest again. Unfortunately, all the money is out east.
Congrats. I am in West Seattle and I sometime pass my "twin" to and from work on the West Seattle Bridge. We haven't had a chance to race yet...we usually pass each other during rush hour, LOL!

I understand what you mean about rain...and it don't work too well in the snow either! Wish I HAD a truck when the snows hit.

Enjoy the ride.
I live in spanaway and if you want to hear the Joe z exhaust I have it. And with the rain try 275 on the back and 245 on the front it helps a lot. I also Jane the intake tube and toms drop in filter . And hawk ceramic pads
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