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Just parked my black 01 IS300 for good and picked up a white 09 IS-F in Dallas and drove it back home to Chicago. A fast 1000 mile introduction was just what I needed to get a feel for how it handles and drives !

Two things of note: #1 The car I picked up has been hand pinstriped down both sides under the clear coat? I've never seen this on a factory paint job before and it looks great - just wondering if anyone else has run into this?

Second interesting fact I discovered is that you can register on as an owner, type in pretty much ANY vin # and pull up the entire service history of a vehicle you own or are considering owning ... CarFax on this ride was pretty clean, but then looking at the Lexus service history it has had a few dents pulled at the dealer and had 3 wheels repainted and refinished ... not a big deal just something to think about ~

Otherwise, awesome car I'm jealous of those of you who have had this since day 1 :D
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