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New IS F owner

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Hey Guys,

New to the community. I just purchased my New 08' Storm silver F.

So far, I love the car; however, the bad thing is that I have to break in the car before getting on the pedal.... can't wait to start on the mods!

I got rid on my three BMW M cars to get the one F. I hope I didn't make a big mistake.... I'm sure it was a good decision:D

Talk to you guys later.
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Hey BigMike & Fig,

Thanks for the Welcome!

I was getting a bit bored, so I thought I would go back to the imports for a while. The Mrs. told me that I would have to get rid of some cars in order to get something else, so I opted to just get rid of all of the M's:
2000 Z3 M Dinon ISR3 Roadster #5 (400hp. supercharged)
2002 M3
2006 M6 AC Schnitzer

Now the stable is down to:
08' IS-F
08' 750IL
05' G55 AMG

I almost forgot, I'm in Atlanta..... going to be relocating to Colorado sometime next year.

Talk to you guys soon.:)
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1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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