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New IS-F Owner

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Hey All:

I purchased my 2009 Ultrasonic Blue Mica (Alpine White Leather) last night! This is my 4th Lexus is 3 months (2007 GS350, 2009 IS250 - SOLD, and 2010 RX350)!

Historically I have been a German Car Nut (BMW M3, BMW X5, and AUDI S4), but recently found a new love; Lexus! :D After one day with the IS-F I can't be more happy.

I will be asking for opinions along the way as I get ready to "have some fun" with the IS-F (Exhaust, Intake, Suspension, TCU, Etc). All your positive/constructive criticism is MUCH appreciated.

Thank you in advance!
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how did u like the s4, can u compare it to the isf?
why did u get rid of it?

thats the best colour combo there is in my opinion, tied with starfire with terra cotta
Welcome aboard. The magazines might like to give the Germans rave reviews under track only conditions, but when you factor in daily driving reality, they fall short in the real comparisons.
Welcome! If you're a picky about handling go for the F sport rear stabilizer. If you can stand a few more decibels go for the exhausts, larger intake pipe, and drop in filter. But use it first for a good sx months until you can't hold your horses to get some upgrades.
congrats on the F. Excellent choice with the color, the Blue Micas are the fastest:D
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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