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New IS-F Owner with Questions

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Hi guys... well my 2008 IS-F USB just arrived this morning! Fresh with 6,600 miles on her!

I've had Z-06's, M5's, M3's, GT500's, Vipers... I like cars... :) Wanted to try the IS-F for sometime. :)

Have a few quick questions... (I've skimmed the manual... but if I can get quick answers here... all the better)

How do we check our 'Average MPG'? (Car has ML/Nav as well).

Are there any 'tuners' out for this vehicle yet? Sure seems like it would LOVE to rev to 8,000 RPM!

I just ordered the Borla Competition System (Honestly wanted just the axle back... but 6 weeks on B/O). And an AFE Drop In Filter.

Thanks guys, looking forward to enjoying the beautiful ride!

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That's quite a list of cars! The IS-F will certainly offer some unique qualities. No tuning available yet. We are all anxiously awaiting a supercharger build from Elite... And some more transparency from the two guys currently developing headers.
How do we check our 'Average MPG'? (Car has ML/Nav as well).

Hi Dave,
congrats on your purchase! If you toggle the "DISP" button on the right hand side of the steering wheel you will be able to cycle through several items including the average MPG. If you hold the DISP button down while in the average MPG mode, you will reset the average MPG.

Thanks for the info Doug, perfect!
Thanks for the info Doug, perfect!
my pleasure, you may have heard we are in the pursuit of perfection. ;) Where are you located ? Do you manage an SCCA forum? I ran a blue million auto crosses in my previous life.
Your gonna love it. I've also had a viper, vette, cobra, etc (see signature)... and I get such a great feeling from this car. I've even gone far enough as to say I take more pride in this car than I did in any of my previous cars, including my Viper. I can't put my finger on why but it just is!!! Enjoy.
Thanks dsg...

FChampOH... yeah... lots of Auto-X... I own (Started it back in 2000... just a small site dedicated to SCCA Racers of the like).

I have 7 National Championships Auto Xing... classes like GS, FS, ESP... Should have won SS... but I won't go there. And then NASA National Championships in PTB, CMC2. SCCA Rookie of the Year... 2005...Touring 2, I'm definitely a car junky... and typically don't track my 'street cars'... since I've got 'real race cars' with Safety Equipment and the like that I try to use at that track.

I just played with the 'Foot Dance'... and got the 'little skidmark' icon... but not the VSC off? Now... I do know to hold the VSC OFF button for 3 seconds, to disable everything... but I wanted to attempt to disable the EDC Diff too? And see what I noticed.

Anyone have experience with turning 'everything' off on the IS-F? It seems like the 'info' out there... are for IS-250's & 350's?


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^^^ I'm not sure if you saw this thread yet:

This has some info about it. This was just discussed over the last week or so. This is the first time I've heard about the pedal dance.
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