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New IS F owner for a week!

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Hey guys figured I'd introduce myself just picked up my IS F last week. Traded in my 04 GTO for it. I used to have a IS250, which I sold. I always said I wish my IS250 and GTO could merge into one car and that would be awesome! Then, Lexus granted me my wish and I was finally able to obtain my perfect daily driver! Anyway I'm in the north central FL area. Here are the pics of my F.
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Welcome and enjoy the car. The GTO had to be a blast but the mix of luxury and performance is a perfect compromise with the IS-F. Enjoy the car.
The GTO was fun but quality was a bit on the low side.
I am confident you will love this car far more than the GTO. Great choice and welcome!
IS F is the way to go. Still waiting to find the right one to get my hands on. But have fun modding this one ;)
The IS F is my favorite car. My old Mitsubishi 3000GT VR-4 used to be my favorite car.
i love the 3000gts also! but its time for something new
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