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New IS-F in NC

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Hello fellow IS-f'ers. Just took delivery of my IS-F last Thursday evening. Looking forward to getting it on the track ASAP. Should have it at CMP next weekend if I can get it on the trailer. Drove the car to VIR today, had no idea it would attract as much attention as it it did in the member parking lot.

Any IS-F owners looking to head to VIR or CMP shoot me an email or PM. My neighbor two doors down has one also he also wants to take it out to the track.

Can't wait.
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Welcome to the site and congrats on your purchase!

What color interior and exterior did you get?

Good luck at the track and let us know how it goes :)
welcome to the F'n party :)
enjoy your baby and your smile
welcome to the forums dude....enjoy the car!! have fun be safe :p
Welcome! Don't F up your F! :D
Welcome aboard! Glad to hear your using it for what it was designed for!
Thanks guys. Car is white (or Starfire Pearl...please) with black interior.

Can't wait to get this beast out there. Be nice to have a little power for a change.
Congrats on your new F. I just picked mine up a bit over a month ago. I also can't wait til i track my F but our local race tracks are shut down for the winter...have to wait til april 2010 for the tracks to re open up.
Track Time

Had a blast on track, just went out for one session as really want to get a set of dedicated track wheels/tires before to much track time. Car was great on the wet skid pad, had to cut my first skid pad run short as my 8 year old son got a bit sick as he was in the back seat (not the best seat for skid pad drills). Second run was awesome, quick stab in 2nd gear and she was sideways much easier to over steer around than either of our track cars.

if you have an IS-F you owe it to yourself to do a track day.
Sounds like a blast! I find myself getting a little sideways in parking garages with the traction control off but thats beside the point! Awesome track day I'm sure, any pics?
someone go build a track near me please!
plenty of people taking photos, I am sure some will show up. Anyone know a good place for a set of wheels for the car. Someone must have pimped their ride somewhere and have some extra stock wheels!!!
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