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New IS F in Houston

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Picked up my new white IS F at Northside Lexus in Houston after a few anxious days of waiting for a new floor model to arrive to replace mine.

Gotta tell you, I had a couple of friends trying to talk me out of it the past few days. German cars are the standard bearer for this type of car, etc. And as a former (3 days ago) 330i owner, I can tell you that I had more trade-in remorse than buyers remorse.

All that said, the IS F is a friggin beast that can be refined. It can be noticed as well as ignored.

Different strokes for different folks. I blames no one for going BMW, Audi, Mercedes...all I know is that this car is for me. It's taken as little as 200 miles of highway, city street and country road driving to tell me that much.



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I too live in Houston and picked up my IS-F at Sterling McCall Lexus a week ago today. Love it. My wife and I drove it to a convention in Ft Worth last weekend so we now have a little over 800 miles on it. My BMW driving son drove it today for the first time and thinks it is really great. Thank goodness I ordered my wife a new BMW 335i convertable or I would lose the F to her in a minute. She loves driving it. She has had MGs, three different Trans Ams, including a convertible, so she likes the power.
They say you are only as old as you think, and after driving my new IS F for 10 days I feel young. Born 1-1-1939
I'm also coming from a BMW and I am worried about the trade in value. I think I will probably private sale or try to get a quote from car max on the value. Then go and get the IS-F. Nice Car!
Im jealous
Welcome from Southern California!...don't step on it too much!:)
damn, for some reason i still love the white on this. lol. but of course. i also love the blue =]
Just drove a black one at North Houston. Wife wants the car bad and wants to trade in her XC90 for the IS F. What are people paying, MSRP or any negotiating at all?

Houston F Club anyone? WE could do Buffalo Wild wings on WEd Nights !!!
Houston F Club

An excellent idea. PM or email me at [email protected] if anyone wants to get this started. F's, wings (or crawfish) and beer go together nicely.
So what are the colors of your isf you houstonians?
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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