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New Intake Snorkel

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Ok so I saw this abortion a long time ago.... and got bored while my car was on jack stands waiting for my new tires because someone thought it would be nice to stab the sidewall of one of the old ones with a knife. I upgraded to Michelin Pilot Super Sports (probably not necessary because my back tires are better than I thought still.) Back to the topic.... I have made this so far....

I'm not finished yet... still have to tidy up the openings and make a rubber seal to connect the brake vent to the snorkel. Also make a cap I can put on when it rains if I can't find a pre-filter. I don't really drive in the rain though. Also going to make a better heat shield too probably. Much better than the hack job where I got the idea from, as the brake duct is still fully functional.

Just a note, just by blowing into the brake duct with my lung power you can feel air coming up into the intake.... it should work nice....
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Hah, that actually looks great. Are you worried about the brakes though?
well i look at it like this. the air still flows through the entire brake duct towards the brakes. it just can now branch off and go towards the intake. if the suction from the intake is going to suck more up than what goes to the brakes, i think it should be fine. it will only be sucking when under throttle, and you dont apply brakes when you're on the throttle.

also, i dont think the brakes get that hot in the first place unless you drive on a track, which... i dont.
Ah.. so the pipe isn't sitting in the duct, just T'd off the top? Any chance you could dyno it, I bet it sucks :)
Cool Idea fella. A dyno would be tuff to companre IHO. The vehicle would be under power and at WOT which means the pressure in the vent would be much higher then sitting on a dyno with a fan blowing in the radiator. Interesting none the less.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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