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I did 3 months of research and shopping on a G37 and then end up with an IS-F! Oh well, I'm still pretty new to the mods and I know they're heckkkkkk more $$$ than the G mods. So please help me out here!

Thanks guys! Looking forward to meeting ya'll!

Here are my mod plans in order:

Smoked tail lights (please pick one for me, I have no idea which is better)


Radar? (I need something to protect me from cops, my first time buying this , need some advices!)

HID headlights/foglights or angel eyes (6k blue-ish? I have no idea where to get this as well and I'm a noob at this)

35% tint

Joe Z intake/exhaust (I know so far, this is the best for the IS-F)

20" Wheels (I've heard some stories on the IS-F's hard suspension, please guide me on this!)

Man, forgive if I'm a noob (but that's that whole point of this forum:D)

Thanks guys!
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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