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Welcome to the site and congrats on your F! Have you picked it up yet?

Radar: With regards to radar detectors, your going to have to look at the various ones out there and decide how much you want to spend and what kind of protection your wanting. I would venture to say a majority of member have either the V1, a particular passport (8500, 9500, or 9500xi) as well as some of the calibre system. I would do some looking around to see which one best suits your needs, they all offer something unique.

Suspension: There are two coilover sets out right now, with JIC getting the best reviews. This is the reason I asked if you've picked up your F yet, do you personally think it is too rough?

Hope this helps a little :cool:

With regards to the HID headlights, I would contact either l-tunedparts (although I'm not sure how much they have with regards to lights) or VIP Auto Salon ([email protected]). I bought all mine from Clark and he is a great guy to get to know for parts and can help you pick out the right bulbs.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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