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Looking to buy a 2010-2012 IS-F in the next 6 months and happy to find a forum dedicated to this car. A little background on me. Back in 2008 I bought an IS300 with 96,000 miles on it. No accidents and the owner actually had towels covering the floor mats. Makes me chuckle. But I knew this guy took care of the car. Paid $9,000 ($1000 under value because it needed a new timing belt). I fell in love with the car. I keep looking at newer cars but cant bring myself to sell it. Its my commuter car 75 miles each way 4 days a week. It now has 280,000 miles. I diy all the service and repairs myself. Everything is as tight as when it was new. It has original trans and engine and steering. Lexus knows how to build these cars well. This weekend I am replacing the rear wheel bearings and lower ball joints. Im no mechanic but love working on this car. My day job is a mortgage guy at PNC.

Last winter I test drove a 2008 GS350. Nice car but too big and lumbering for my tastes. So it makes sense that I look at the IS350. Nice car but I need more power, which brings me to the IS-F. The prices are finally sub $30,000. Nows the time to buy if the right car comes along. So I will have some questions in the following months that I hope you can help with. The forum seems quiet for the last year.

I can do my own maintenance which makes it more affordable. Affordable is subjective tho. Looking up prices of part on I can see its not my old is300. A fuel pump runs $1000. More fuel injectors than you can shake a stick at, because its direct injected. That said, when I look up service histories on potential purchases, I dont see a lot of failures of these items. Mostly electrical problems, batteries, lights, etc. so my first question is, Would you use this car as a daily driver? What else should I be aware of? With direct fuel injection do you have to walnut blast carbon build up from the intake like BMWs do? How many miles will these car last? My hope is, just like the IS300 which was purpose built to compete with BMW3 series, the IS-F is over built to be a more reliable performance car than its competition and not a money pit.

Thanks for putting up with my long read and I look forward to your replies.
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