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New guy and possible new isf owner.

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How's it going everyone? My name is John and is very very interested in a lexus isf. I've done many research on these cars and I think reliability is all there like any other lexus and Toyota vehicles. As of now I own a 2005 tiburon. Nothing special. Just lowered and have wheels on it. Clean but slow. My wife and I are interested in buying a 2008-2009 isf next year and we been searching online and came across some pretty good deals. But most of them in 08-09 year models have a lot of miles on them. Some over 100k miles. My question, should I stay away from lexus isf with that many miles? Knowing an isf is a performance car, I'm sure most have been abused. Our goal is to try and score the best price in that year models. Your opinion will be much appreciated.
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i am glad u found this place for us and have a great stay here, make it memorable one for us....
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