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New guy and possible new isf owner.

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How's it going everyone? My name is John and is very very interested in a lexus isf. I've done many research on these cars and I think reliability is all there like any other lexus and Toyota vehicles. As of now I own a 2005 tiburon. Nothing special. Just lowered and have wheels on it. Clean but slow. My wife and I are interested in buying a 2008-2009 isf next year and we been searching online and came across some pretty good deals. But most of them in 08-09 year models have a lot of miles on them. Some over 100k miles. My question, should I stay away from lexus isf with that many miles? Knowing an isf is a performance car, I'm sure most have been abused. Our goal is to try and score the best price in that year models. Your opinion will be much appreciated.
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A lot of owners have high mileage 2008-2009 without issues.

I would try to get the lowest mileage possible, and check all the maintenance records and have the vehicle inspected by a 3rd party. An adult owned car would be ideal.

The ISF is pretty rock solid.
i am glad u found this place for us and have a great stay here, make it memorable one for us....
There are not many with those high miles in the uk. If they have full lexus service history they should be ok. There will be more bodywork damage from stone chips and more general wear and tear to the interior and all components of the car I imagine.

Personally I don't like cars with much over 60k miles

I agree with Stu on this one, I like my used vehicles to have less than 60k miles as well. I'd like to add be patient with your search (not suggesting that your not, just saying in general). My search, in total, lasted (loosely) for about a year (where I'd look casually about once every month or so) but I spent the last 2-3 months searching pretty seriously. I ended up finding a certified pre-owned '08, one owner, bought/serviced/traded at the same dealer, with only 15k original miles on it. The same dealer had 2011 with 23k or 32k miles (don't remember which) on it so there are deals out there...obviously you've just got to find em ;-) Good luck with your search.

A tip, again if you're not already doing so...if you're doing most of your searching online with places like AutoTrader or, try searching local dealerships websites that are within a reasonable radius to your location. This is how I ended up finding my car and discovered that for whatever reason sites like those mentioned don't take into account the inventory at authorized dealers. Again good luck!
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