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Welcome Andy. Glad to have you and your wealth of >

knowledge here. Sounds like the two days was great fun.

I'm looking forward to May 30th out at the old Fontana, now AAA, Speedway, here in CA for the 1/2 day Lexus Ultimate event. Have just over 3000 miles on my IS-F and learning more about it daily. I'm sure a lot of my questions will be answered on the 30th......

Ever hear of the IS-F's, when in the manual mode, getting stuck in second gear and not wanting to shift out??? Happens only under HARD accceleration. Bumps up against the rev limiter and unless you back off it won't shift out?? Sure wish this beauties rev'd out a bit more... say to 11K or so !! LOL....
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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