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New from Chicago

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Hey Everyone,

Just wanted to say HI !!!
I am a Lexus Fan/owner and IS-F Specialist at my store !!!

Last week I spent two days at Joliet IL at the Autobaun Country Club and had a blast !!!!

Please feel free to contact me if looking for a IS-F, or IS Sport accesories or any other parts.

Andy Miodynski
McGrath Lexus of Chicago
1250 W Division St
Chicago IL 60622
774-342-6300 office
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^I tried replying to your PM but it says you're not accepting PMs. :)
Tell us more about your 2 days at the "Autobahn Country Club." Was it some sort of IS-F instruction/demo day for sales reps or what?
Bulls: I took care of it !! Thanks for the heads up!

Rush: The first day was all for the Dealership part. I talked about IS-F and IS-Sport accesories. Then we drove the hell out of them !! :)

We drove the north side of the track which was just under 1.5 miles in lenght.
On the straightaway, if you exit the last turn right, you should get it up to 125-130 mph !!!

The track and event people were busting my chops because I'm doing these sprints down the straight away and my left arm is on the open window sill...

Good time, I'd love to go this weekend again, but have too much on my plate. I will be at the Hot Import Nights show in Downtown Chicago with a White IS-F :)
Welcome Andy. Glad to have you and your wealth of >

knowledge here. Sounds like the two days was great fun.

I'm looking forward to May 30th out at the old Fontana, now AAA, Speedway, here in CA for the 1/2 day Lexus Ultimate event. Have just over 3000 miles on my IS-F and learning more about it daily. I'm sure a lot of my questions will be answered on the 30th......

Ever hear of the IS-F's, when in the manual mode, getting stuck in second gear and not wanting to shift out??? Happens only under HARD accceleration. Bumps up against the rev limiter and unless you back off it won't shift out?? Sure wish this beauties rev'd out a bit more... say to 11K or so !! LOL....

I have not heard of that problem. I can tell you that I drove about 8 diffrent IS-F's so far, and knock on wood, no problems.

Has anyone else had this problem? I'll ask my contacts if they heard of this tommorow!!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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