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New Forum?

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What do you guys (and gals?) think of a new forum dedicated to meets, drives and events? I think it would be a great way to connect and get together. Oh great LexusF Mods, what sayeth thou?

BTW, I'm definitely looking to drive down to NC to do this in the summer next year... Anyone else? Anyone? Bueller? :D

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Oh snap that would be fun! :cool:

I like the idea of a meet, drives and events section. Just a topic area where, if we get wind of anything or want to set up anything, we can post up letting members on here know about it. Good idea
Im going to college in NC next year so im definitley going here!
Yea... I made a suggestion to make a Meet and Events forum and the mods suggested I go to I think it would be a great idea tho, it would bring more traffic and members to the site IMO.

I was hanging out with a girl that told me about the Dragon Tail road... never actually seen a map of it but she told me its a crazy road that she drives through everyday to go to work!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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