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New Body Mods

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Not too sure that I like this, but I thought there might be some interest.
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Thanks for the link. Not a fan of the front end but I like the rear diffuser - I always felt like my F needed a bolder looking rear bumper to match the quad exhaust tips.
Pretty interesting kit. I kind of like the front myself and am not sure about the rear :cool:
So it's official that WALD went thru with the concept drawing they had. I like the kit the front looks sort of rally and the rear is nice but those two red reflector kinda killed it a bit. However the front would look much more nicer if the redo the front instead of adding it on looks too out of place. The rim is very very nice. I just checked the price for the kit (front and rear) and it comes out close to $3100 this is from their japan site pricing with currency converter.
I like the Wald Mahora wheels, but i'm still not a fan of the kit. It looks pretty ugly and busy.
I like it very much if the calmed down that front peace, but the rear is rite up my ally maybe alil much CF but I like the back
Also my front grill looks just like that flat black
And I mean if they calmed down that front peace I'm sorry I'm on my iPhone
I am glad to see more stuff for the F, but nothing on that car peeked my interest.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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