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New aussie on board!

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Hey all!

Currently in is250,lowered,19inch anteras,custom camber kits but about to order is-f. AWESOME cAR. Have driven rs4, c63, m3 sedan and still think the is-f is on top.I have 3 kids, with 2 in the car every now and then so still need 4 doors. Would be interested to hear thoughts on white seats. Am thinking white with black but may be able to get into white with white for good deal.
I know a lot of you guy's earn shitloads but massive call for me as in oz is-f is 129,000 plus so big call and don't want to stuff up!!A lot of coin but happy to do it though as is [email protected]%#&#g awesome to drive.

Nearly there!
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Hello. Welcome to the forums. I live in Australia too and am also considering the IS-F. I haven't had a chance to test drive it yet. I know what you mean about the cost - compared to the US we pay a premium price for a car like this. But I think it's much better value than a BMW M3 and has more standard features.

I think the white leather interior would be hard to maintain... jeans in particular don't go well with leather. So i'd personally get black leather because marks won't show up as easily. As for exterior i'd get the blue or white.

I'm wondering if much could be saved on a car like this... because they're so rare here I think it would be hard to talk the dealer down. The dealer I talked to said they are only allocated one IS-F per month to sell.

I've read a lot of reviews saying suspension is stiff and the ride is hard for everyday driving. What did you think of it?
Hey Josh,

You're right! There aint a lot of movement as they are limiting supply to 120 per year for the whole of oz.The other problem is that as of august production everything will go up 5 grand so its only going to get harder.I figured fuck it just do it! Happy to say I put my deposit down today and hopefully will be driving my white with alpine(white inserts) by Saturday.The car is awesome and having drivenn the rest as far as competition I don't think you can beat it as far as performance,and value for money.As far as the leather it looks great and I have the asurance from Lexus that if it needs aclean they will sort it for me.Awesome service and commitment to a quality product.
p.s.I used to sell cars for the factory Benz dealership in Sydney so I (think) have a bit of a clue!

Idon't think I'll sleep until saturday.
Sorry Josh.To answer your question the ride is still great as a day to day.It actually felt more comfortable than the c63 and more powerful and smoother than the audi.
It seems alot of coin but is still 20-40k cheaper than the BM and Benz.
By the way the benz was great but felt like too much of a race car....keeps wanting to cut loose.if you were'nt concentrating I reckon you could easily find yourself in all sorts of shit!
welcome...oi oi oi.

Its a great car, no regrets here...except now I drive paranoid everywhere :)
ozisf... congrats on the buy! Are there any accessories for the IS-F? I have the brochure booklet but just curious if there's any little extras you can get for it. The only option is the seat colour, correct? I don't think this car is missing much, that's what got me interested in the first place.
Thanks mate!
I think the only things will be aftermarket. I've organised a tint job for next week as its the only thing I think I'll do at the moment. The dealership can't legally darken the windows which I reckon will just set it off!!! The only other thing I might do is tweak the exhaust but I'll enjoy it for a while first.
Ay thoughts anyone on exhaust ! etc?
Why paranoid Fig?Also what have you done to your isf if anything/

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