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New 2013 ISF Owner

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Hello everyone. I just received delivery of my new Nebula Grey isf. I have had it for just over a week and so far its been a lot of fun. I'm actually coming from a 2008 ZO6 vette, so the power is something I'm used to. The car handles very nicely and I really haven't gotten on it to hard as of yet. Waiting for a thousand or so miles.
One question I do have is, in Sport mode I notice quicker throttle response from a dead stop. What else does having it in Sport mode do as far the driving characteristics of the car....speed, handling ect..
All in all I think I'm really going to enjoy the car and interacting with all of you on the forum. I will post some pictures as soon as it stops raining out here and I can clean it up.
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Hey man, nice to meet you. I'm considering buying a Lexus early next year and the ISF is definitely one that's caught my attention. How do you like it so far, considering its price range and competition?
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