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New 2009 IS-F

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Just got my new 2009 IS-F this past Wednesday. Took 4 months since my order date but got it directly from Lexus corporate through my cousin that works there.... Dark Grey Mica.
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Welcome! Post up some pics! :)

You picked up your car at vehicle services?
welcome to the forums, i have a smoky granite mica as well...did you get the two-tone color, i believe hes the first one in the forums to have an 09 ISF but congratulations on the car enjoy it
Welcome to the site and congrats on your purchase! Feel free to roam the boards and ask any questions you have about the car
Congrats on your F and welcome to the forums. I always liked the SGM color. It was my first choice in color but I couldn't wait til 2009 so I went for a obsedian black 2008. Anyways enjoy your stay;)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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