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Neiman Marcus F

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I recently bought my wife a IS350 loaded. The car is awesome and the Matador red is beautiful. I saw recently that Lexus was coming out with the F series and purchased one thru Neiman Marcus. I guess I'm 1 in 50 lucky owners. I'm trying to find out if anyone else purchased a Neiman Marcus special edition F. I'm told by them it sold out immediatly. Last years BMW M-6 @ $139.000 which sold out in 93 seconds. So I figured 68 Grand was a deal. My only problem is I also have a RX350 with 12,000 miles and 2 more years remaining on that lease. Do any readers think this F is worth it's weight? I'm buying it anyway, but guess I'm just wondering what anyone else thought. Hopefully it's the only one in Vegas, but I doubt it. In this town you see every car imaginable and then some. Appreciate some feedback. And please refrain from wanting to send me on the Dr. Phil show or seeing someone to have my head examine. My friends already think I'm nuts for buying a car out of a catalog sight unseen. Update: I did get some responses ranging from I should keep Dr. Phil's number handy, to their moving to Vegas for a chance of driving it. One even offered to wash the car for free so he can take it for a spin. So far, most have thought it is a great car, but thought the tag is too much. I'm getting too old to squeeze into one of them Porsches and heck you can't even put a set of clubs in them.
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The IS-F is what I've been waiting for. I loved the BMW M3 for years but never wanted to deal with the maintenance and reliability of it. Now you can get M3 like performance with Lexus/Toyota reliability and maintenance. The price is the big question. Will the market accept it or not? I think it's going to be a great car. Hope I have the chance to own one soon.
There were only 50 NM Edition IS-F available. They did sell out immediately.
that is a beautiful car. appreciate it.
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