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need wheel polishing guidance bad!!!

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Does anyone know if our forged stock wheels can be polished? I've seriously done some damage by removing the paint. I've polished 2 sets of aluminum wheels before and once you get the paint and clear coat off, the wheel shows it's true colors are are extremely shiny, then you would polish them. I've done that on 2 sets of wheels. Now I tried it last night on one wheel and when I put the aircraft stripper on and waited. After all the paint came off, it does not show the bare metal. It shows a very light grey looking primer coat. The air craft stripper will not remove this no matter what and I'm stuck with an ugly wheel. Here are some pics to show you. I don't want to pay someone $500 and wait 4 days when I can do this myself for free.

went from this.

to this.

Here are the two set of aluminum wheels I've done before.

from this

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Holy sh**! I am sorry, I have no idea how to fix it up. Clearly, worked with your other project...but you have definitely fed up that wheel....I did not even know you can do that. Thanks for the pics though....and I imagine there will be alot of conversation about that lovely wheel you just with chemicals.
If that is indeed a primer under the factory finish, that is some tough sheot. Have you tried polishing the wheel anyhow? The dull finish you have on there might be a haze created by the stripper on a "forging". I can't tell from your picture. The factory IS-F wheels are forged. Keep in mind the forging process is different from the casting process. Forging produces a much tighter grain flow of metal and is not as porous as a cast wheel and the metal treatment is different as well. Maybe what you have there is a reaction of the stripper and the forging, try polishing a spot if you haven't already. Let us know what happens.
I have tried polishing the wheel champ. It makes the wheel slighty more silver. It may need to be soda blasted or high pressure washed.
Oh Boy! This is gonna be fun. They might have some sort of baked on epoxy primer or something, I don't know. I would try sanding an inconspicuous area to see if you can "break through" at least. Then maybe you'll be able to determine if it can be removed by blasting. Use a high number grit sandpaper of course and maybe wet sand. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say this doesn't look like it's gonna be "free" for you. :(
I did try that actually this morning using p240 grit paper on a small area. Yes it turned silver =). I suppose I'll need to sand down the area then polish I just hope I can get all the scratches because of the fine sand paper.
if your gonna sand it you should try using 320 grit emery cloth.
With this kind of hard to remove undercover on our wheels, I find it hard to believe that a few folks have reported IS-F wheels that have started to corrode, and were replaced by Lexus. Tiss a puzzlement to me:confused:

oh well, everything has been taken care of. I payed a local polishing shop to finish what I started and I will have my wheels back in a week. New photo shoot coming soon guys!!
They turned out bad ass!!! ill post pics soon
They turned out bad ass!!! ill post pics soon
let's see the pics
let's see the pics
His car and some great shots of it are in the thread below
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