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Need Some Ideas For Door ding

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Hi Everyone

Took my 2010 Lexus GS450h to the Dealer to Install My Passport 9500ci. Upon Completion of the work the dealer left a small mark (Door Ding) on the edge of the door. The dealer offered to Paint the doors (Drivers Side and blend into the Passenger door) I declined because when i sell the vehicle in the next year they will take off the trade in value because the car has had previous "Paintwork"... Dealership told me small door dings are normal wear and tear and should be expected... The car has 3,500 miles. The Dealer offered to install door edge guards (Painted to match which will cover the ding). Which route should i take?:)
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I don't know if getting the door fixed would cause you to lose value. If the repair is done rightyou shouldn't be able to tell the difference. What is important is that you are satisfied with the fix. It depends on how confident the dealer is that they can match the paint.
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