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Need some help

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Hello. New to the forum. Been reading alot of discussions and have learned alot from many of you. Tonite I pulled into my neighborhood and hit 2 feet of water. I made it thru but I lost a square plastic piece off of my front bumper. I have no idea what its called or where to look (knowing the dealership will crush me if I go to them). Any help in this matter would be greatly appeciated. Thanks.
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can you post a picture of the piece so maybe we can get an idea??
Sounds like the tow hook cover. You can get one at the dealer for around 20 unpainted. GL.
yup, tow hook cover. Doug Greenup is a site sponsor here and I know he had one painted for someone that lost theirs. Look him up. He's a good guy and i'd vouch for his reputation.
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