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Need new tires for my F! Any suggestions?

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I've been driving with the original tires that came with the car since 2008 and the car now has 32000 miles on them. At this point, I've been checking the tread every week. Just not sure if I should replace them with the same tires or is there something better out there. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!
BTW - I live in Florida. Snow is not a factor. Best performance is what I'm looking for.
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Look Here:

It doesn't rain much in Arizona, but I was unlucky enough to be caught in one last week and my Continentals handles it with aplomb. I luv the Continental DW, IMHO it's Great Tire. The longer I have 'em the more I like 'em. And, there is absolutely no down side to the upsizing I did.

i read that thread and also the reviews from tire rack. this tire is probably want i wanted instead of the bridgestones. will try my next set once the rears is done with.
I wanted Continental SportContact 5P on mine as they are the best performance tires from the review I read but they were out of stock so I ended with Michelin PS2s. They are good on dry but really not suited for wet surface.
The Michelin SuperSport looks like a far better tire than the PS2 but it is not yet available
I'm a big fan of Yokohama, had them on my WRX STi (all season, I believe they were Z rated). They are quiet and provide good grip under most conditions.

They were a huge improvement over the BridgeStone RE70's that came on all STi's from the factory, those were summer tires, loud as hell and just suicidal in wet conditions, but that was another story.
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