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I don't have my F yet, but I'm always looking and researching. There was a gray 2008 with NAV in my area a few months back. They were asking 46K for it and it had 18000 miles.

I came back after a week and it was gone.

I asked the salesman what was the outcome and he said he sold it for 41K.

I see the 2008's with 15K to 30K miles in the very low 40's range.

I also see a 2010 F that has 15K miles for mid 40's so here is how I would go about it.

Here is example # 1:

Here is the 2010 car I was mentioning:

This second example can help you leverage your price on a 2008.

Here is another one:

First of, don't be afraid to start low, give yourself plenty of leverage. With all the fuel efficient, green cars out there and the economy, these cars are not exactly flying out of dealerships.

Supply + Demand is the name of the game.

If you see a car for 43,000, Start negotiating at 35,000. That will allow you to gauge the salesman a little bit and see how desperate he/she is.

Start with that price and move in increments of 200 to 300 dollars if you get negative feedback.

If it doesn't work, thank them for their time, get up and walk out. I had salesman chase me out the door and give me the deal I want this way.

Back in 1996, my father bought a Nissan Altima like this. The dealer wanted 16K for it. My father got up and left. They called him a few times, after 3 days he bought the car for 11K plus taxes/fees.

This is a buyer's market, take advantage of it.
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