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Need a little help

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We built a 2003 IS300 Twin Turbo back in 03-04. The tech that built it is no longer here, and it's a nightmare. My GM just asked me to jump in and help.
This car is suppose to have a Turbo Supra driveline in it. I pulled the numbers off the trans casing and the driveshaft.

I tried to have our Parts Department help out, but no luck. Does anyone know where I get the info I need to verify? I tried to Google, but no luck, and our parts store online doesn't seem to find the numbers I have.
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Yeah, the IS300 does have the same engine/tranny from what I remember. Have you tried the Supra forums? and
Im on the Supra forums. So a IS300 uses the same trans that would be found in a 92 Supra??
Oh ok cool.

No, it used the 93-98 Supra driveline aka MKIV. 92 is the last year of the MKIII.

See this and look at the 2JZ-GE:

and Supra MKIV engines/transmissions:
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