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Weird! Only thing wrong with mine is due to some new housings in the area,for a joke I typed it in and it doesn't pop up..which lead to meaning I need a new dvd update..

There's nothing wrong with it, the DVD can't possibly have EVERY address in it as new businesses, roads, and houses are being built all of the time. You can update it, Lexus puts out a new DVD update every year around October, but I recommend updates only if you want. Usually my clients find updates unecessary but every two to three years. You will pay for the updated DVD, so see if it is worth it by stopping by your local dealer and seeing if the newest version has the updates that you want. Ask your salesperson to sit you down in a newer car and plug in the addresses that you want to find, to see if the update is worth the dough for you.:cool:
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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