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Nav & ML radio help

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I RTFM but I'm stuck.
1. Is there a Mute button on the ML unit
2. Can the music be muted while the Nav gives voice commands
3. Bluetooth issues. My 8830 World Edition Blackberry seems to disconnect every time I shut off car, forcing me to reconnect manually each time I start up. What have I screwed up.
thanks for the help.
The car is great. I know more about perfomance than tech issues.
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For the Nav- go to menu then volume and make sure the adaptive voice is on. You can also adjust the volume of the voice here.

For the phone- Make sure the auto connect setting is on in the bluetooth setting in the car. Also, make sure that you have the handsfree set as a trusted device on your phone. If you do not it will ask you if you want to connect everytime the car is turned on.

Hope that helps.
I'll try that thanks. My phone had handsfree as not trusted.
Working fine now
Many thanks
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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