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I'm happy to report my Silver/Black IS-F came last Friday and it is awesome. So far only a few Full Throttle blast (to seat rings) but Man 'O' Man the push into the seat and the sound will make your heart pound!! Ride is stiffer than my 06 IS350 but thats fine by me given the better and flatter cornering. As has been said the exhaust are not connected to the tips but that is engineered to act as an exhaust gas diffuser to cool the air behind the car at high speed to reduce lift. I have clay-bared the car finish and applied 5 coats of Zaino show polish ( and the shine is now DEEP and slick and the water just blows off. Still learning the transmission operating detail but the speed of the shifts are unreal. Seats are fantastic and the interior attention to detail is impressive including the small seat perforated holes that show blue in the sun. And I love how the gun-finish wheels don't show the brake dust. The I-POD integration option is great. My IPOD now lives in the glove box and is just a push button away. For you that are waiting for an IS-F, relax, the wait is worth it.


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