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My New F!

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Hey guys, these pics were taken in the states before the car was actually shipped to me in Qatar... the car still needs a bit over a month to get here and I can't wait. I was also wondering if any of you can spot if they are potenza tires or michelin PS2s.

I can't seem to upload my pics as their sizes are too big and if i make them smaller to be able to upload them they become too small!:( Help me out please... :confused:
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If you are going to upload any pics...the common size is 640x480 for VGA quality pics. I wouldn't go larger than 1024x760 for forum usage.

Show us a pic of the car. I can probably distinguish the tires easily. :D
Use the size Flipside said to post up pics on here :cool: Can't wait to see them :D
I had a problem uploading pics too -- try reducing the quality, not the size. I think I actually did mine in 800x600, with the JPEG quality set to 6.

Looking forward to seeing the pics! :D
here is a pic but it's very small though in order to fit the attachment limits


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ok here are some pics and not A pic... this is the best i could do to fit it in 98kb which is the limit...I guess you won't be able to distinguish if the tires are michelin or bridgestone...

If you have any other way to upload pics please tell me so that I can give you bigger pics... The pics are not professional whatsoever but they're ok...
Yes those are the Bridgestones. The pics look like they were taken in Texas or somewhere in the midwest? Once it arrives in Qatar, let us know!
Actually it's in Florida... Too bad they're not michelins!! next tire change I guess... hope u liked it!
Guys I just recieved my USB F and i am in LOVE!! this thing is a beaaast!! :D only problem is the shark fin was taken off while it was being shipped! its ok i hope i can find another one from the dealership despite the fact that they dont have ISF's, otherwise i might get it from another lexus and just install it im sure they're the same or very similar
Glad your liking it omarab12! Was it worth the wait? :cool:

That sucks about the shark fin being taken off, any other damage other than that? You can probably order it at your dealership, if not, try to contact one of the venders on here to see if they can get it for you through their parts department.
Nothing else is damaged thankfully... I'll definitely do this and wil get back to u on what happens... honestly, i never expected something like that! I LOVE IT n it was well worth the wait! I had never driven or seen the car before to be completely honest with u :D other than that do u think i can get a shark fin without the wires because they're still there and i don't need new ones..
Glad to hear you got it!!! Enjoy the ride. Now it is time to start the mods. What do you have planned??
Congrats and enjoy!

08 Smoky Granite Mica IS-F
Anyone have any idea if the shark fin comes complete with the wires?
Anyone have any idea if the shark fin comes complete with the wires?
No idea, I'd PM one of the vender dealerships on here and see
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