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I had an earlier post of where to buy tires up here in Canada and WAS going to go to Costco but it is now looking that I will have to order them from Tire Rack to save a few bucks (more like hundreds.

My dilemma is that I wish to change the size as a number of the members have...275/30/19 and 245/35/19...problem is that I have aftermarket rims and don't know if it will comply.

I purchased the car down in the states and it has 19"ASA rims Five Star style. The car's original tires (Potenza) were fitted onto it. I cannot find any info on the Rims.

I am unable to ask any tire shops around here as they are pissed on not getting my business....
Is it a stupid assumption to make that since my stock tires fit my aftermarket rims that the above noted size would fit aswell...should I just stick with the stock size to be on the safe side? Thanks. :eek:
Bulls is right depending on the width of your aftermarket wheels you can make sure the overall diameter is correct to the OEM. Unless you want more or less meat on your tires.

Let me know where in Canada you are located and I can direct you to one of our dealer and hope they can help you out
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