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I had an earlier post of where to buy tires up here in Canada and WAS going to go to Costco but it is now looking that I will have to order them from Tire Rack to save a few bucks (more like hundreds.

My dilemma is that I wish to change the size as a number of the members have...275/30/19 and 245/35/19...problem is that I have aftermarket rims and don't know if it will comply.

I purchased the car down in the states and it has 19"ASA rims Five Star style. The car's original tires (Potenza) were fitted onto it. I cannot find any info on the Rims.

I am unable to ask any tire shops around here as they are pissed on not getting my business....
Is it a stupid assumption to make that since my stock tires fit my aftermarket rims that the above noted size would fit aswell...should I just stick with the stock size to be on the safe side? Thanks. :eek:
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