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:D I had to let u guys know on the site what kind of race i just had 1 hour ago. it was the sickest race i been in probably in all my life . So heres the deal the bmw was about 3 to 4 car lenghts ahead of me and he saw me from his mirior. he hit it and i hit it an it was on. a bit scary it was we were hitting speeds of 150 on a curvy road which was scary. he had me the whole time about 3 car lenghts. i seen myself coming up on his ass at 150 no problem but a turn would come in and i would have to let off to about 100 100mph. i got to tell u he can drive as good as me .it was a great race. if i had started neck and neck it would have been a differnt story.
i got to tell u guys hitting the slight turns at 110 120 was not that comfortable, i thought at one point i was going to lose it but was ok. i think the car can be lowered a bit to avoid that problem the bmw did handle very well too. i had a 2004 m3 and an audi rs4 i got rid of to get the IS-F, i love my car, but i think i would feel more comfortable at those high speeds in a gtr all wheel drive nissan? What do u think.i was giving everything the lexus had . i can tell u this if we started same time things would have been different. or if we were in a straight line with less turns no problem i would have had him he is governed at 155 . we can go 170. hahahhahaha!!!!:D
As long as you know your limit and know when to back down. Don't force yourself and put yourself and others in danger.
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