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So Im leaving jm lexus. (The wife just jumped out a is 250 into a ls 460.) I am getting on the turnpike when I see a black dct M3 (tag says Ghos Ridr). I immediately switch to manual and sport mode! Im right behind him as we both get on the turnpike. As soon as he jumps on he hits it, so I hit it too. Im on his ass and when we hit 100 he slows down and I go pass him. He catches up and rolls his window down and says "Man what the f#$% is that!" I tell him and he says lets get it. Im at 4th gear already at 100 and we hit it. At 110 he starts creeping 115 I start to creep back and at 120 we neck and neck then a car gets in the way. we slow down and we start talking again. He says lets go again. This time I cut the ac off. I start off in 4th again at 100. again at 110 he pulls off 120 Im back on dat ass. At 130 i start pulling. At 140 its game ova!

After that he asks were im going and he will follow cause he wants to check out my car. We get to a gas station and he is like "[email protected]# yea" that rocked. He tells me I am the first person to beat him. He says all he runs up on i ricers. lol. He then says "when I got on the turnpike and hit it I was like who da f#@! is this keeping up with me, I slowed down so you can pass me and I could see what that was. I didnt see the F logo so I thought it was a supercharged IS 350." He says this is the First ISF he has ever seen on the road. ( I love that we are a dime a Dozen) We exchange numbers and he tells me about a track were he races sometimes. Says Ill be the only ISF out there.
Wow, was this guy living in the 18th century? If you drive an M3 V8 and you don't know what is an IS-F or how to identify one....I dunno....:rolleyes:

In any case, cool story, I wish more people were that friendly.

Get the Joe-Z exhaust and intake and prepare a little surprise for him.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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