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I've had my '08 SGM F for several days...still getting to know the car and haven't driven it a lot, maybe 400 miles, but, thought I'd give my very initial impressions...yours may vary considerably from mine and that's o.k. As a reference, I am coming from a VW GTI that has the DSG tranny.

- The interior lighting is very night with black interior, hard to see inside the car.
- Would like to have a feature that my VW has, courtesy 3 blinks of the signal when you flick the turn signal stalk up or down. Really nice when switching lanes and I've gotten very used to it.
- Turn signals in mirror would be nice....
- Steering wheel seems a bit thin to me...I'd like slightly thicker and less slippery. Not sure if the leather on my wheel was hit with armor all or something as part of a detail before me getting the car, but it feels slick.
- The mark levinson so far has not impressed me like I thought it would...I admit that my adjustments have been made while driving the car with one eye on the road...I really need to sit down and fine tune this I guess.
- I think the springs could be lightened up by 20-30% for a little more compliance...would really like to see an EDC option on the next iteration of the car...give us comfort, normal or sport with the push of a button.
- Parking assist...the warning sensors work more to the side/front and there are none for directly ahead on either side of license plate...seems odd....I was messing around testing these in my garage to see when they would go off and nothing happened directly ahead...
- Rattle may be developing....need to listen more intently.. Hey, it's a rattles ever, right? :)

- Motor is awesome, v8 burble at idle is awesome, and above 3600 is STUPENDOUS. I can't keep my foot out of it.
- Brakes seem robust.
- Like the 8 speeds...2K rpm at 75 on freeway is nice.
- Sport mode and paddles work well together. I like what Lexus has done with the tranny and I am coming from a car that has a really good DSG.
- I can check the oil level via an old fashioned dipstick. Don't laugh (look at a new 3 series lately?)
- Interior is gorgeous IMO. Simplified beauty, not overdone, and classy.
- Seats are very comfortable and supportive.
- Gauges at night seem like artwork to me. Best of any car I've been in so far.
- Love the adaptive headlights.
- I like all the standard features that are options on many other cars.
- Wheels are some of the best looking factory jobs I've ever seen.
- Don't see these on every corner, ala TL, etc.

Price/performance/features/quality - this car has it over many others in the class. I am impressed with what lexus has been able to accomplish on their first try. I bought this car because I wanted a reliable, quality built, adult muscle car that could hold more than 2 people (and came with a great reputation for service and a quality dealership network.) The pricing and financing on the '08's make it a bargain IMO. I can't wait to see what they do for the next chapter on this one.

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One other thing I should mention is the car I bought was purchased from a supporting vendor on this forum (Doug Greenup - Lexus of Dayton). I live in OH so it was only a 70 mile drive from where I live...not too bad. I started talking to Doug via PM's on this forum, then calls and then went there to check things out, see the car, and meet him.

Doug was the ultimate professional and even though I just test drove my first visit, there was no pressure whatsoever to buy RIGHT THEN. I liked that....we talked cars, etc. for quite a while and I enjoyed the country club atmosphere. (My first time in a Lexus dealer). Doug is quite the car guy.

Things got more serious the following days and a week later I was a new owner. I like to try and support vendors who support these forums when possible and are "car guys"...

Just thought I'd share this info as well....had a good experience buying the car. Not to take anything away from any other supporting vendor on this forum....

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I also agree with pretty much everything, pro and con, that you listed. I sat inside a BMW 135 a couple of days ago and longed for its steering wheel. My GTI's steering wheel was far superior as well. The Lexus is too thin, too slippery and worst of all, too hard on the hands.

I would only add that there needs to be an option for a true manual 6-speed tranny. It's simply a more involving driving experience when one is racing through the gears the old fashioned way.

Yep, if I never had my GTI I prob. would not have noticed the steering wheel, etc....but the GTI wheel is really much better in thickness and the flat bottom is hands fall to it much more readily than the Lex....

One other thing I noticed is the dead pedal seems either too far away or angled wrong.....maybe it's my short alligator legs but I can't seem to find a good position for my left foot.

Don't get me wrong guys...I love my F but since I still have and drive the GTI, I notice these little differences a lot more between the 2 cars.
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