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My F vs CL55 AMG

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Once again one of my infamous races on the road.:D
Cliff note version,I was on 95 South Going towards NY but I was going to Hereford County going about 75 until I see a Merc chasing me down..
So I let him get in front of me to see what kind it was before decide if it's a worthy opponent or not..It was CL55 AMG..We were hitting 110-120MPH when this thing kept up with me no problem..So I had to up the notch go from Gear 5 to gear 6 and I was flying by him and then he caught up with me..
We were going neck and neck until he had to get off the highway for his exit..
I did some research and I'm 110% sure it was the 493Hp version as there are two types of CL55 AMG with 360Hp and 493 Hp version as 0-60 timer is totally off..
My Only debate is WHY IS THERE ALWAYS HEAVY TRAFFIC when I'm always running into cars that are worth racing..:confused::confused:
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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