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my car is 99.9 % sold CTS-V is coming ;O)

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Hello everyone

just to let you know my car will go maybe in 2 week for a new cts-v

i will have a full exaust 2 1/2 with sikky headers for sale
also have a trottl controller and a joe z intake tube with dry filter

everything as around 900 km on it

make some offer by mail please

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not at all

i just try a new cts-v and the power is way but way more than my isf with headers :rolleyes:

but really happy with my isf in general

the thing i love from american car is for 600 us i have a lpe kit that
boost the ctsv to 630 hp and 620 tq
i take the tuned from Lingenfelter they decrease the tq manegement and they upgrade the shifting on the automatic tranny (little bit faster):D

but yes its a beast compare to my isf with headers and all the mod

the big big difference is at the drag strip 0-60 1.70-1.65 :eek:

but i will not forget my isf for sure:(


the dealer cannot supply me the ctsv before a couple month !!!!

so i will keep my isf and i will put a supercharger from ELITE when everything is ready..:rolleyes::rolleyes:

i think is a good idee in term of performance

check you mail andy

1 - 6 of 18 Posts
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