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My alignment specs, dropped and without bump steer.

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Here is the alignment on my IS-F that is sitting about 1" dropped all around on BCR coilovers.

and the parts to get there pictured below it.. Pay closer attention to rear toe than to the camber numbers. -2 is not that bad if there is no toe steer. Installed, the toe links end up being nearly 1" longer than stock. Than means a much longer arc length and thus less toe/bump steer. The addition of the eccentric allows for about 1.5 degrees of camber. The inner rod end allows more like 4 degrees. So with this solution there will be lots of adjustment and more importantly, no bump steer and toe wear issues.

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i thought no one could align the isf other than the dealer?
You can now as he has developed lower control arms with eccentrics as well as adjustable rods. This is what has kept me from lowering the car. How much for the kit? Nice job by the way :)
Excellent job Fig. I have considerable wear on the inside of both front tires, and then I lowered it on Tien springs. I was hoping something would come out soon. The funny thing is that the car is still within factory specs lowered. I guess we just have aggressive camber.
Hi All,

I'm looking to get some more negative camber on my '08 IS F (without lowering my car), is there a kit out there?...or is the control arm mentioned above the fix? If so, what is the name brand of the control arm and where can I get one?

Excuse my lack of knowledge as I'm auto-mechanically challenged.

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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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