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MPG Test

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It took a lot of restraint and patience but this weekend I made a little roadtrip to visit my mom and grandma. I went from San Ramon, CA to El Dorado Hills, CA. About 109 miles 95% freeway.

On the way there it was pretty cool so I used SNOW Mode the entire way with no AC and achieved and average of 29.5mpg. No traffic

On the way back I used the AC (most of the way) and drove reasonably in SPORT Mode and averaged 26.7. Light traffic with a little stop and there were a few a$$munches I had to go around.

So I'm thinking driving reasonably in NORMAL Mode would get you pretty close to 29 on the freeway. That concludes my doofy experiment ;-)

I think SNOW Mode vs. NORMAL would not have been too different.
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I can pull 30 out of it if I work at it. I dont like working at it :)
hehe, I was just curious ;-) Per your recommendation I have aFe making a Takeda for me right now! 7-10 days
Never came close to getting that kind of mpg on my car.
That is about what I get as well as the last highway section for about a 70 mile stretch I was on. I took a picture of the dash showing cruising 70 while cranking out 30.5 mpg. Really have to feather the gas for that though. I drive only 4 miles back and forth to work and get a steady 18.5 mpg. Of course no acting up to get that but it is in sport mode about half the time.
Does the torque converter lock up in manual + snow mode in gears 2-8? Otherwise I'd say manual + sport should give the theoretical maximum economy.

Fine control of the gas in sport mode is rather irritating though. 90% of the pedal travel seems like WOT...

Anyway my best was 29mpg in manual + sport, with it occasionally being over 30.
Just driving it I average 15-16 hahaha I can't seem to stay out of the throttle. But when I took a road trip to charlotte I got a little over 28 even with handing a corvette his butt three times in a row. He just never learned his lesson.
hehe, corvette drivers are fun to mess with, they sure think they're all that and that something must be wrong with their cars when not keeping up with a Lexus...there is something wrong, they suck! hehe When I first got this car I averaged 9.5mpg at my first fill up :-x

Not to change subjects but how do you like your sikky headers? Did you install yourself? I like the idea of the headers in CA because I could probably easily pass the SMOG visual down the road when it comes time to smog.
I love the sikky headers. I'm there offical tester so no I didn't install them they did. If you have the right know how and tools you can yourself but it involves lowering the subframe. Not exactly easy stuff to do. The sound is amazing I'm not sure about the other headers out there but the sikky headers make the car sound truly unique IMO.
30is not bad at all! Wish I could pull that out of the Lambo... even with a tail wind Im at 11mpg. lol
Fyi i have 36,000 miles on my car with and average mpg of 21.7. I too have gotten over 30 mpgs.LOVE IT and all that power too !!!! BMW M5's need to work on there mpg's OMG I think they get like 12 LMFAO
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