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Mount a camcorder inside the car

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Hey all,
What are my option when it comes to mounting my cancorder inside the car. I want to not only mount it to capture the road ahead, but also view the guages to look at shifting and speed.
On a recent drive my co-pilot was holding it in her hand as as i took some highspeed turns all i ended up with was a shot of my dash.

What do y'all suggest?

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This one looks like it might work out. Disclaimer: I have no idea who this company is, I just did a quick online search for you. This one looks like if you place it right you should be able to catch the gauges and your hands on the wheel.
All you need is a harness bar with a camera mount attachment. Check this place out. I pretty much get all my track gear there.

Thanks for the info fellas..PKROCKT, the ones are a little more than what i am willing to pay now...i found DIY link that makes something similar to that of FChamp found.

I am going to start with that and see how it works.
Thanks again y'all.
Hero makes a wide range of cheap goodies also sells quite a few different sticky pods and mounts. I have one and they make a quality product at a good price.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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