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Motor Trend Long Term F Update

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Thought everyone might find this interesting. If you don't know, the IS-F is on the Motor Trend Magazines long term review fleet. Below is a link to the latest update from them. I believe this is the second update they've done since putting it on the long term fleet. Enjoy :cool:

By Ron Kiino
Photography by William Walker

"I don't get all the 'it's so stiff' comments about the suspension," says editor at large St. Antoine, who disagrees with Jurnecka's assessment -- "Driving on L.A. freeways feels like a roller coaster ride, with each bump, dip, and irregularity having ill effects on stomach and head."

"To me," notes St. Antoine, "the damping is pretty tight, but the springs aren't overly harsh at all. Compared with our previous long-term Mini, the IS F rides like a cloud. Never does the suspension crash into its stops. St. Antoine, who took the IS F to the Pebble Beach Concours, observes the Lexus's star power. "Despite the profusion of Ferraris, Lambos, Veyrons, the Lexus got an inordinate amount of attention. The parking valet at Spanish Bay couldn't stop talking about it -- later I saw him hand a Scuderia owner his keys and simply walk away without a backward glance."
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Some are happy some are not happy..Don't care for the reviews, I'm very happy with the F..Couldn't ask fore more except later down with mods and buy something else later down..:)
Its funny how the underdog slowly slips into people's hearts. For those that are looking, there are plenty or reasons to (mis)judge the car. For people will to take it all in its an emotional car...maybe just because it really just does not seem right. I mean...its a lexus right?
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